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The concept

Securitas Aurum offers the following Gold Bullion investment coins for sale: American Golden Eagle, Britannia, Vienna Philharmonic, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf and Golden Nugget. The initial purchase package is equivalent to a minimum of 4.900,00 € (Gold Bullion Bars 6.500,00 €) and contains, not a selection of different coins, but a set of coins chosen initially by the client. The purchase price can be paid as follows:  

Payment Option A:

Full payment of the purchase price, i.e, 4.900,00 € (Gold Bullion Bars 7.500,00 €)

Payment Option B:

Payment of a deposit [you decide the amount, but the minimum accepted is 100,00 €] (Gold Bullion Bars 500,00 €) and payment of the balance within 12 months.

Payment Option C:

Payment of a deposit amounting to 100,00 euros (Gold Bullion Bars 500,00 €) and participation in the accumulation plan of Securitas Aurum, by means of client referral.

The pending balance amounting to 4.800,00 € (Gold Bullion Bars 6.000,00 €) can be:

  • accumulated within 12 months by means of customer recommendations. The entire accumulation plan consists of three phases (I to III) and is explained in detail in the links below (Gold Bullion Bars I und II);
  • transferred within 12 months by the purchaser to the account of Securitas Aurum;
  • partly accumulated and partly transferred by the purchaser to Securitas Aurum.

Following fulfilment of the purchase contract by the client by means of any of the above mentioned payment options, the coins are then released by Securitas Aurum at an international bank, as per the official market value of the day and the General Terms and Conditions of Securitas Aurum.  The completion takes place within the time frame stipulated under the Legal Terms of Revocation and then the Gold Bullion coins are prepared and delivered to the customer. 

The gold can be delivered to the clients as follows:  

  • Personally by the client;
  • Deposited or placed in custody at a financial institute;
  • Delivery by a transport service - Only within the European Community.

Each client has, obviously, the possibility of terminating its purchase contract at any time.  If the cancellation request is applied for outside the legally established time frame, the client will be charged an amount equivalent to 5% (Gold Bullion Bars 7,5 %) of handling fees as arranged.


The management fees are to be paid by the client without exception within the first calendar year, unless the client makes effective his/her statutory right of withdrawal or revocation.