Customers canvass customers - the marketing concept of Securitas Aurum

Customers win Customers


First do, then buy!


This could be one of the preferred statements from the referral concept of Securitas Aurum and it should serve to replace our typical consumer behaviour of nowadays: „First buy, then do!“

The thinking behind the concept "Customers win Customers" recommended by Securitas Aurum intends to promote a new set of consumer standards - "Better buy than Borrow" -, aimed at a life without debts, an improved standard of living and accumulation of assets.

The concept „Clients win Clients“ is not new and is being used by many companies to acquire new customers.  However, in many cases, the promised rewards do not often match the offered criteria nor in respect of the quality of the products or the needs of the clients. 

Securitas Aurum has developed an innovative and a modern format for this concept and introduced new technical capabilities. 

  1. With the internet and using the tools developed by Securitas Aurum, you can make your referrals from your own virtual office worldwide.;
  2. The software especially designed for the recommendation concept by Securitas Aurum records with exact precision the origin of a recommendation and rewards the customers not only for direct but also for indirect recommendations;
  3. Not Securitas Aurum, but the client himself decides, within the wide range of possibilities provided by the Company, the manner and extent of premiums to be achieved.

The society is presently burdened with debts and looking for new ways of investing without incurring in more financial burdens. 

With this in mind, Securitas Aurum offers the perfect solution for the coming decades by implementing the well known accumulation platform with great success in the e-Commerce business segment.  Explained in a simple manner, the client has the possibility of purchasing goods and at the same time investing in secure valuables like the Krugerrand Bullion coin and other international investment coins by paying first a small deposit and the rest through his own performance.

Securitas Aurum does not concentrate itself on limited fields of operation but is as flexible as the market demands.

Securitas Aurum represents a huge community of people who have the same views, who jointly decide what they wish to acquire and in which way. Through this process, an enormous acquisition power is generated to the clients.  In addition, the strategy of the company permits the clients to obtain profits due to its payment facilities. The accumulation permits the company and its clients to decide exactly which products and services best suit their needs, requirements and limitations.  

Securitas Aurum uses the newest technologies available to provide the best service available and to demonstrate to each one of you the joint road to success.   Securitas Aurum is in no way restricted or limited on a regional, national or international level.

A life without financial burdens, together with the appropriate quality of life deserved by everyone, is another main aspect that motivates the founders of Securitas Aurum.