The Britannia

The Britannia

Under the Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138 A.C.), Britannia as a figure of the province was shown on a coin for the first time. In 1672, she was minted under Charles II on the Farthing (1/4 –Penny) and on the Half Penny. Since that time, she is decorating the coins under every British monarch. On the first coins of the 17th century, she is sitting and holding a branch and a spear in her hands. Besides, a shield with the flag of Great Britain is shown. In 1797, in addition to that a sailing ship was shown in the background of the coin. That was the symbol for the British sea power. Over the years, the motive of the coin was altered. In 1821, the spear was replaced with a trident.

Nominal value

Fine weight


Gold content

Total weight



100,00 £

1 Ounce

916,66/ 1000

31,103 Gram

33,84 Gram

32,70 x 2,79 mm


50,00 £

1/2 Ounce

916,66/ 1000

15,552 Gram

16,96 Gram

27,00 x 2,08mm


25,00 £

1/4 Ounce

916,66/ 1000

7,776 Gram

8,486 Gram

22,00 x 1,63mm


10,00 £

1/10 Ounce

916,66/ 1000

3,11 0 Gram

3,38 Gram

16,50 x 1,17mm